Shari Goldberg

English Department / Franklin & Marshall College / Lancaster, PA 17604                       


Assistant Professor of English. Franklin & Marshall College. 2015-present.

Assistant Professor of Literary Studies. University of Texas at Dallas. 2009-2015 (tenure granted).


Ph.D. in English, University at Albany, SUNY. May 2009.

Specialization in nineteenth-century American literature.

B.A. cum laude, Vassar College. May 1999.

Major in English, minor in Jewish Studies. Also studied at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.



Quiet Testimony: A Theory of Witnessing from Nineteenth-Century American Literature.  New York: Fordham University Press, 2013. Published as part of the American Literatures Initiative (

Reviewed in:
Textual Practice 28 (2014): 546-550.

Studies in the Novel 47 (2015): 116-120.

The Henry James Review 36 (Fall 2015): E19-E23.

Scholarly Articles

“Invisible Illness.” Forthcoming in J19.

“A New Chapter in the Story of Trauma: Narratives of Bodily Healing from 1860s America.” American Literature 91.4 (December 2019).

“Newland Archer’s Doubled Consciousness: Wharton, Psychology, and Narrational Form.” Forthcoming in Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence: New Centenary Essays, ed. Arielle Zibrak. Bloomsbury, 2019.

“Henry James’s Black Dresses: Mourning without Grief.” Nineteenth-Century Literature  (March 2018): 515-538.

“The Avian Challenge of Cotton Mather’s Biblia Americana; or, The Pigeon Effect.” Mocking Bird Technologies: The Poetics of Parroting, Mimicry, and Other Starling Tropes, ed. Christopher Gogwilt and Melanie D. Holm. Fordham UP, 2018.

“Hanging Fire, or A New Ontology for Poynton.” The Henry James Review 37 (Winter 2016): 51-63.

“Believing in Maud-Evelyn: Henry James and the Obligation to Ghosts.” American Impersonal: Essays with Sharon Cameron, ed. Branka Arsic. New York: Bloomsbury, 2014.

Benito Cereno‘s Mute Testimony: On the Politics of Reading Melville’s Silences.” Arizona Quarterly 65.2 (Summer 2009): 1-26.

“From Quietism to Quiet Politics: Inheriting Emerson’s Antislavery Testimony.” Paragraph 31.3 (November 2008): 281-302.


Beautiful Child, by Emma Tennant. Henry James Review 34.2 (May 2013): E21-E23.

Spolia, Issue 10. The Henry James Review. 36 (Fall 2015): E23-E26.



Boston Medical Library Fellow in the History of Medicine. 2018-2019.

Humanities Initiative Grant, Franklin & Marshall College. 2017.

Hackman Summer Scholar Award, Franklin & Marshall College. 2016.

Dean’s Travel Grant, University of Texas at Dallas. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Thorns Dissertation Fellowship, University at Albany English Department. 2007-2008.

Vassar Graduate Fellowship, Vassar College. 2006-2007.

Full Tuition Scholarship, School of Criticism & Theory. Summer 2006.

College Scholar Award, University at Albany. 2003-2006.

Dorothy Evans Graduate Fellowship, Vassar College. 2005-2006.

Travel Grant, University at Albany Graduate Student Organization. Spring 2005.

Language Study Award, University at Albany Initiatives for Women. Summer 2004.

Phi Beta Kappa, Vassar College. May 1999.


“Response to Jonathan Kramnick, ‘Fiction, Consciousness, and the Disciplines.'”  Qualifying the Quantitative conference at Franklin & Marshall College. April 2, 2016.

Conversation about Quiet Testimony with Politics 355, Contra Diction, or, The Politics of Listening at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. March 8, 2016.

“Wearing Death as a Dress: Henry James on Mourning” Franklin & Marshall College Writers House.  February 24, 2016.

“Holding Beliefs:  Encounters in Henry James’s Material Mind.” Columbia University English Department. November 25, 2013.

“Revisiting Photographic Violence.” Materialism and the Colony Conference at Bard College at Simon’s Rock.  May 23, 2013.

“The Camera’s Agency: Taking and Other Photographic Work.” Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute at Southern Methodist University. April 16, 2013.

“‘Little Tongues’: Swedenborg and the Pervasiveness of Meaning in Nineteenth-Century American Literature.” University of North Texas American Studies Colloquium. October 28, 2011.

“Raking Language: Emerson’s ‘Address on the Emancipation.'” Symposium on Micropolitics in American Literature at Syracuse University. October 2006.

“The Quietest Testimony.” Panel on testimony at the American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting in Princeton, NJ. March 2006.


“Three Cries: James on Pain.” Henry James Society 8th International Conference. Trieste, Italy. July 2019.

“The Critical Body at Rest.” Also seminar organizer, “The Personal is the Critical.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference. Washington, DC. March 2019.

“Multiple Personality and Literary Character.” Also panel organizer, “Recalling the Person.” Modern Language Association Annual Conference. New York, NY. January 2018.

“Becoming a drainpipe: thought transmission in The Awkward Age.” Reading Henry James in the Twenty-first Century: Heritage and Transmission. American University of Paris. Paris, France. October 2016.

“Experiments with Persons: James’s Narrative Lab.” Also panel organizer, “Spectral Bodies.” 2016 Henry James International Conference. Waltham, MA. June 2016.

“James’s Amnesiacs.” Henry James and Memory Conference at the British Library. London, U.K. April 2016.

“On LeBon.” C19: The Society of Nineteenth Century Americanists Conference. State College, PA. March 2016.

“Wharton’s Shame: Beyond the Privacy of the Mind,” Society for the Study of American Women Writers Annual Conference. Philadelphia, PA. November, 2015.

“The Radically Open Minds of Henry James.” Also seminar organizer, “On Personhood.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA. April 2015.

“Buried Photographs and the Figuration of Mental Depth.” Modern Language Association Annual Conference. Vancouver, BC.  January 2015.

“Hanging Fire: Poynton’s Slow Burn.” Also panel chair, “Rematerializing James.” C19: The Society of Nineteenth Century Americanists Conference. Chapel Hill, NC. March 2014.

“Close Reading for a Closer World: The Case of Cotton Mather.” The Return of the Text. Syracuse, NY. September 2013.

“Teaching Hospital Sketches in a Human Rights Course.” Roundtable organized by the Louisa May Alcott Society.  American Literature Association.  May 2013.

“Dovetailing: American Birds in Life and Text.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting. Toronto, ON. April 2013.

“Melville’s Silent Bodies.” American Literature Association Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA. May 2012.

“What’s After Life in Henry James’s ‘The Altar of the Dead.'” Also panel chair, “The Psyche Before Psychoanalysis.” C19: The Society of Nineteenth Century Americanists Conference. Berkeley, CA. April 2012.

“Silence and Human Rights.” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting. Vancouver, BC. April 2011.

“How Shall We Read?” Also panel chair, “Reading the Past for New Theory.” C19: The Society of Nineteenth Century Americanists Conference. University Park, PA. May 2010.

“Thoreau’s Holes (Nature, History, Loss).” Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies Annual Conference. Dallas, TX. October 2009.

“The Legal Incoherence of Frederick Douglass’s Constitutionalism.” Also panel chair, “The Beginning and End of Identity Politics.” South Central Modern Language Association Annual Conference. San Antonio, TX. November 2008.

“A ‘new yet unapproachable’ Direction for American Literary Studies; or, Reading the Texts of the Past with Ralph Waldo Emerson.” University of Texas at Austin American Studies Graduate Conference. Austin, TX. September 2007.

“‘Prying, Peeping, Peering’: The Ethics of Naturalism.” American Literature Association Annual Conference. Boston, MA. May 2007.

“Inquietude Rising: Testimony in Melville’s Benito Cereno.” School of Criticism & Theory Participant Colloquia. Ithaca, NY. July 2006.

“The Interruption of Sin: Kafka, Blanchot and the Impossibility of Reading One’s Own Work.” Rhetoric, Politics, Ethics International Conference. Ghent, Belgium. April 2005.

“Witnessing the Photograph in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz.” International Association for Philosophy and Literature Annual Conference. Syracuse, NY. May 2004.


Franklin & Marshall College

American Literature 3: Individuals vs. Systems

American Literature 2:  American Nobodies

Seminar: Henry James and the Story of the Mind

Literary Theory

Violence, Truth, and Story

Cross-Examining the Witness

University of Texas at Dallas (graduate seminars)

American Renaissance

Thinking through Henry James

Mind, Matter, Meaning

Making Sense of Things

Theories of Testimony

Independent studies in 18th-century and 19th-century American literature; material culture; and testimonial literature


Provost’s Advisory Council on Faculty Diversity and Inclusion, Franklin & Marshall, 2017-2018.

Sustainability Committee, Franklin & Marshall, 2016-2017.

English Department Secretary, Franklin & Marshall, 2016-2017.

English Department Liaison to the Library, Franklin & Marshall College, 2015-2016.

Feminist Research Collective, UTD. Founding member, 2014-present.

Committee on Educational Policy, UTD. 2013-2015.

Executive Committee, School of Arts & Humanities at UTD. 2010-2012; 2013-2015.

Council on the Status of Women Faculty, UTD. Working group member, 2013-present.

Faculty Library Committee, UTD. Chair, 2012-2013; Member, 2011-2012.

Undergraduate Writing Task Force, School of Arts & Humanities at UTD. 2012-2013.


Dissertation director for Roshanak Akrami, “‘The Sense of a Half Translated Ode of Hafiz’: Emerson’s Translations of Persian Poetry” (2009)


Manuscript reviewer for Fordham University Press, J19 and PMLA

Member, Modern Language Association; American Comparative Literature Association; C19: The Society for Nineteenth-Century Americanists; American Literature Association


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