OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am Assistant Professor of English at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.  I study nineteenth-century American literature, as well as human rights, post-Holocaust literature, early psychology, and the history of photography.  My research discovers modes of speaking and listening that, while central to nineteenth-century texts, now appear eccentric, unscientific, or occult. In my first book, I examined suggestions that trees and wind, bodies and the dead, could testify to the attuned writer. Now I am analyzing how hypnosis provided a model for shared consciousness among literary characters.

I like to teach students the fundamentals of literary study, such as close reading, and to demonstrate what makes literary thinking distinctive and worth cultivating.  My best class sessions have been those from which my students walk away changed: possessing either a new way of looking at the world or a new skill to employ in their courses.

When I’m not reading or writing or teaching, I cook and pickle, practice yoga, and metalsmith jewelry.  Reading a novel for pleasure is still my favorite hobby.

Contact me at spgoldberg AT gmail DOT com.


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